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We chemically test and weigh your metals and will offer you the cash value of your items up front at the very best market value available.

Now is the perfect time to sell your gold and silver. We buy gold and silver jewelry so that you can take advantage of high gold and silver prices now and make money on even your broken pieces.

We will give you the best price for your goods and believe that so strongly that we encourage you to talk to other jewelers or buyers before you come to us. Over and over again our customers tell us we are there last stop, as we always offer more than our competitors.

It is our mission to help you manage your assets and we take your trust in us seriously. We will always offer you the very best deal available.

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You can call or text us at (863) 899-8048 for an appointment at your home or bank for a free evaluation. 

Bring your gold and silver- jewelry, bars or other sources of metal to Precious Coins & Gold for an easy and free consultation.

​$500,000.00 Available For

Your Gold and Silver or Your Precious Metals.

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