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When you bring your jewelry to Precious Coins & Gold, the first thing we do is listen to your story and what you can tell us about your pieces, as that will help us with our estimates.

Secondly we test the jewelry to determine its precious metal content. Then our jewelry specialists separate the jewelry into categories including antiques and specialty pieces as well as those with precious and semi-precious stones.

Our tests of your jewelry are state-of-the art and we will determine on the spot, right in front of you, what your jewelry is worth. High quality metal pieces are weighed, as the weight of the precious metals adds to the value of the piece.

Costume jewelry is set aside and divided by age and jeweler. Precious Coins & Gold will offer you prices based on individual pieces as well as entire lots. We buy most costume jewelry in lots.

Our estimates are free and we encourage you to have estimates done elsewhere before you come see us. Our customers tell us over and over again that Precious Coins & Gold always offers the highest rates.

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Precious Coins & G​old


Fine and Costume Jewelry. Specialist in all ROLEX WATCHES

Our jewelry experts sort and value your jewelry right in front of you. We assess the gold and silver content of each piece as well as determine the value of individual pieces and give you cash on the spot.