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Most people accumulate thousand of pounds of property in a lifetime and leave these items behind when they depart this world, forcing families to make difficult decisions during a time of grief.
Personal Property Planning helps you decide which items should be passed along to family members and which items might be better off turned into cash at the moment. Making these decisions now, during your lifetime, is very wise.
If you wait for your family to make these decisions after your departure, oftentimes what happens is that for a variety of reasons, including a lack of time and information, the family is forced to hire a liquidator or agent to hold an estate sale for them.
There is a huge disadvantage to estate sales, where third parties charge a fee that amounts to 15-20% of the overall proceeds. Personal Property Planning now avoids this difficult and costly problem. It also keeps your assets under your control.

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Personal Property Planning is the sort of long-range thinking Precious Coins & Gold provides for you. It is our mission to help you plan for the future of both you and your heirs.
Personal Property Planning is our no-cost, no-obligation evaluation of your assets so that you can make an informed decision about their distribution in your lifetime.

Introducing Personal Property Planning